AIF Masterclass Workshop

(AIF®) Masterclass Series- Workshop II
November 27, 2017
New World Hotel Makati, Philippines. 


APAFS™ is proud to offer  AIF® Masterclass Workshop II on November 27, 2017. It will be held in conjunction with APAFS Annual Fiduciary Events Week at New World Hotel, Makati Manila

This Workshop II is the second of four one-day workshops  designed for those in governance roles, focusing on the four steps of the AIF® Fiduciary Quality Management System (FQMS®). Participants will collaborate in the application of theory to real-world scenarios earning AIF® Continuing Education Credits and certificate completion. Prerequisite- Completion of AIF® course. Seating is limited with preference given to AIF® Designees. Please note: Masterclass workshop series can be taken in any order.

Prerequisite: Completion of AIF course. Seating is limited with preference given to AIF Designees. 

For more information about the AIF Masterclass Workshop Program, download the complete 2017 MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP II CLASS AGENDA or AIF MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP BROCHURE .